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# Name Level Type
1Ethereal Blade Ethereal Blade1
2Scorpion King Sword Scorpion King Sword1
3Earthsplitter Staff Earthsplitter Staff1
4Aurelian Willow Ring Aurelian Willow Ring1
5Dawnbringer Pike Dawnbringer Pike1
6Sky Ripper Knife Sky Ripper Knife1
7Verdant Dream Bow Verdant Dream Bow1
8Demon Houndlord Axe Demon Houndlord Axe1
9Cloud Plume Zither Cloud Plume Zither1
10Dance of Dragons Sickle Dance of Dragons Sickle1
11Star Shatterer Star Shatterer1
12Flow Wrecker Flow Wrecker1
13Flowing Darkness Brush Flowing Darkness Brush1
14Blazing Sun Spear Blazing Sun Spear1
15★Ethereal Blade ★Ethereal Blade1
16★Scorpion King Sword ★Scorpion King Sword1
17★Aurelian Willow Ring ★Aurelian Willow Ring1
18★Earthsplitter Staff ★Earthsplitter Staff1
19★Dawnbringer Pike ★Dawnbringer Pike1
20★Sky Ripper Knife ★Sky Ripper Knife1
21★Demon Houndlord Axe ★Demon Houndlord Axe1
22★Verdant Dream Bow ★Verdant Dream Bow1
23★Dance of Dragons Sickle ★Dance of Dragons Sickle1
24★Cloud Plume Zither ★Cloud Plume Zither1
25★Star Shatterer ★Star Shatterer1
26★Flow Wrecker ★Flow Wrecker1
27★Flowing Darkness Brush ★Flowing Darkness Brush1
28★Blazing Sun Spear ★Blazing Sun Spear1
29Celestial Scale Halberd Celestial Scale Halberd1
30Jaden Firefly Fan Jaden Firefly Fan1
31Skywind Band Umbrella Skywind Band Umbrella1
32Sky Silhouette Scroll Sky Silhouette Scroll1
33Heart-Seeking Blossom Bow Heart-Seeking Blossom Bow1
34Golden Finger Golden Finger1
35Jolly Candy Cane Jolly Candy Cane1
36Golden Bell Staff Golden Bell Staff1
37Immemorial Cauldron Immemorial Cauldron1
38Wavecrash Dragon Lance Wavecrash Dragon Lance1
39Golden Cauldron (unused) Golden Cauldron (unused)1
40Golden Cauldron Golden Cauldron1
41Horizontal Slash Sword Horizontal Slash Sword1
42Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
43Black Bamboo Black Bamboo1
44Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
45Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15) Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15)1
46Water Snake Excursion Periapt Water Snake Excursion Periapt1
47N/A测试时装武器-青云 N/A测试时装武器-青云120
Page 1 of 1 pages, displaying 0-47 of 47 results