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# ID Name Level Type
160035Ethereal Blade Ethereal Blade1
260036Scorpion King Sword Scorpion King Sword1
360037Earthsplitter Staff Earthsplitter Staff1
460038Aurelian Willow Ring Aurelian Willow Ring1
560039Dawnbringer Pike Dawnbringer Pike1
660040Sky Ripper Knife Sky Ripper Knife1
760041Verdant Dream Bow Verdant Dream Bow1
860042Demon Houndlord Axe Demon Houndlord Axe1
960043Cloud Plume Zither Cloud Plume Zither1
1060044Dance of Dragons Sickle Dance of Dragons Sickle1
1160045Star Shatterer Star Shatterer1
1260046Flow Wrecker Flow Wrecker1
1360047Flowing Darkness Brush Flowing Darkness Brush1
1460048Blazing Sun Spear Blazing Sun Spear1
1562476★Ethereal Blade ★Ethereal Blade1
1662477★Scorpion King Sword ★Scorpion King Sword1
1762478★Aurelian Willow Ring ★Aurelian Willow Ring1
1862479★Earthsplitter Staff ★Earthsplitter Staff1
1962480★Dawnbringer Pike ★Dawnbringer Pike1
2062481★Sky Ripper Knife ★Sky Ripper Knife1
2162482★Demon Houndlord Axe ★Demon Houndlord Axe1
2262483★Verdant Dream Bow ★Verdant Dream Bow1
2362484★Dance of Dragons Sickle ★Dance of Dragons Sickle1
2462485★Cloud Plume Zither ★Cloud Plume Zither1
2562486★Star Shatterer ★Star Shatterer1
2662487★Flow Wrecker ★Flow Wrecker1
2762488★Flowing Darkness Brush ★Flowing Darkness Brush1
2862489★Blazing Sun Spear ★Blazing Sun Spear1
2965610Celestial Scale Halberd Celestial Scale Halberd1
3069440Jaden Firefly Fan Jaden Firefly Fan1
3174878Skywind Band Umbrella Skywind Band Umbrella1
3279510Sky Silhouette Scroll Sky Silhouette Scroll1
3381578Heart-Seeking Blossom Bow Heart-Seeking Blossom Bow1
3481610Golden Finger Golden Finger1
3581676Jolly Candy Cane Jolly Candy Cane1
3681677Golden Bell Staff Golden Bell Staff1
3782985Immemorial Cauldron Immemorial Cauldron1
3883804Wavecrash Dragon Lance Wavecrash Dragon Lance1
3986775Golden Cauldron (unused) Golden Cauldron (unused)1
4086840Golden Cauldron Golden Cauldron1
4188073Horizontal Slash Sword Horizontal Slash Sword1
4291797Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
4392065Black Bamboo Black Bamboo1
4492092Wooden Soul Absorber Wooden Soul Absorber1
4593001Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15) Mystic·Cold Food (Enhance +15)1
4694549Water Snake Excursion Periapt Water Snake Excursion Periapt1
4798923Blaze Dream Daggers Blaze Dream Daggers1
4858675N/A测试时装武器-青云 N/A测试时装武器-青云120
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