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# ID Name Level Type
145356Coldflame Boots♂ Coldflame Boots♂15
245357Coldflame Boots♀ Coldflame Boots♀15
348256Cloudrider Boots♂ Cloudrider Boots♂15
448266Cloudrider Boots♀ Cloudrider Boots♀15
545363Frostflow Boots♂ Frostflow Boots♂30
645364Frostflow Boots♀ Frostflow Boots♀30
748257Moongleam Boots♂ Moongleam Boots♂30
848267Moongleam Boots♀ Moongleam Boots♀30
945370Gazer Boots♂ Gazer Boots♂45
1045371Gazer Boots♀ Gazer Boots♀45
1145456Gazer Boots♂ Gazer Boots♂45
1245457Gazer Boots♀ Gazer Boots♀45
1348258Sunstorm Boots♂ Sunstorm Boots♂45
1448268Sunstorm Boots♀ Sunstorm Boots♀45
1545377Vastblank Boots♂ Vastblank Boots♂60
1645378Vastblank Boots♀ Vastblank Boots♀60
1745458Vastblank Boots♂ Vastblank Boots♂60
1845459Vastblank Boots♀ Vastblank Boots♀60
1948259Comet Shoes♂ Comet Shoes♂60
2048269Comet Shoes♀ Comet Shoes♀60
2148298Falling Star Boots♂ Falling Star Boots♂60
2248305Falling Star Boots♀ Falling Star Boots♀60
2345187●Crimsonrunner Boots♂ ●Crimsonrunner Boots♂75
2445188●Crimsonrunner Boots♀ ●Crimsonrunner Boots♀75
2545384Windrun Boots♂ Windrun Boots♂75
2645385Windrun Boots♀ Windrun Boots♀75
2745460Windrun Boots♂ Windrun Boots♂75
2845461Windrun Boots♀ Windrun Boots♀75
2948260Essence Star Boots♂ Essence Star Boots♂75
3048270Essence Star Boots♀ Essence Star Boots♀75
3148276Spirit Star Boots♂ Spirit Star Boots♂75
3248282Spirit Star Boots♀ Spirit Star Boots♀75
3348299Abyss Star Boots♂ Abyss Star Boots♂75
3448306Abyss Star Boots♀ Abyss Star Boots♀75
3548312Dark Star Boots♂ Dark Star Boots♂75
3648318Dark Star Boots♀ Dark Star Boots♀75
3745194●Ironmelt Boots♂ ●Ironmelt Boots♂90
3845195●Ironmelt Boots♀ ●Ironmelt Boots♀90
3945391Fireproof Boots♂ Fireproof Boots♂90
4045392Fireproof Boots♀ Fireproof Boots♀90
4145462Fireproof Boots♂ Fireproof Boots♂90
4245463Fireproof Boots♀ Fireproof Boots♀90
4345493Soulbane Archdevil Flame Boots♂ Soulbane Archdevil Flame Boots♂90
4445494Soulbane Archdevil Flame Boots♀ Soulbane Archdevil Flame Boots♀90
4548261Essence Starglider Boots♂ Essence Starglider Boots♂90
4648271Essence Starglider Boots♀ Essence Starglider Boots♀90
4748277Spirit Starglider Boots♂ Spirit Starglider Boots♂90
4848283Spirit Starglider Boots♀ Spirit Starglider Boots♀90
4948288Void Starglider Boots♂ Void Starglider Boots♂90
5048293Void Starglider Boots♀ Void Starglider Boots♀90
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