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# Name Level Type
1Cat food Cat food-
2Vesper Sealing Bead Vesper Sealing Bead-
3Bottle of Afterglow Bottle of Afterglow-
4Cloud Cauldron Cloud Cauldron-
5Ocean Gourd Ocean Gourd-
6Mass Bell Mass Bell-
7Lost Key Lost Key-
8Lord Tron's Key Lord Tron's Key-
9Myzion Hammer Myzion Hammer-
10Empty Water Balloon Chest Empty Water Balloon Chest-
11Pearl Pearl-
12Dread the Doc's Key Dread the Doc's Key-
13Purification Stone Purification Stone-
14Skyfire Key Skyfire Key-
15Colorful Key Colorful Key-
16Master Key Master Key-
17Cinnabar Reliquary Cinnabar Reliquary-
18Chaos Glass Chaos Glass-
19Flower Hoe Flower Hoe-
20Almighty Tool Almighty Tool-
21Erodent Erodent-
22Flower Trimmer Flower Trimmer-
23Patricia's Knife Patricia's Knife-
24Herb Shovel Herb Shovel-
25God's Key God's Key-
26Key of Summoning Key of Summoning-
27JDF-2019-Sylia-Repair Materials JDF-2019-Sylia-Repair Materials-
28Lucky Gold Hammer Lucky Gold Hammer-
29Shovel Shovel-
30JDF-2019-Psychea-Ancient Mecha JDF-2019-Psychea-Ancient Mecha-
31Jade Rat Jade Rat-
32Cage Key Cage Key-
33Fruit Shears Fruit Shears-
34Spiritual Knowledge Spiritual Knowledge-
35Tinder Tinder-
36Tinder Tinder-
37Tinder Tinder-
38Flash of Lightning Pearl Flash of Lightning Pearl-
39Ancient Mechanism Ancient Mechanism-
40Transient Beast Spirit Transient Beast Spirit-
41Brush and Ink Brush and Ink-
42Corpse Corpse-
43Key Key-
44Brush and Ink Brush and Ink-
45Lumber Lumber-
46Mystic Charm Mystic Charm-
47Chrysanthemum Petal Chrysanthemum Petal-
48Chrysanthemum Petal 2 Chrysanthemum Petal 2-
49Chrysanthemum Petal 3 Chrysanthemum Petal 3-
50Immortal Sweet Ambrosia Immortal Sweet Ambrosia-
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