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# Name Level Type
1Achromatic Light Scroll Achromatic Light Scroll15
2Essence Silk Scroll Essence Silk Scroll15
3Butterfly Scroll Butterfly Scroll15
4Refined Achromatic Light Scroll Refined Achromatic Light Scroll15
5Blackened Silk Scroll Blackened Silk Scroll30
6Essence Wing Scroll Essence Wing Scroll30
7Sleeping Deer Scroll Sleeping Deer Scroll30
8Secret Falling Forest Scroll Secret Falling Forest Scroll30
9Refined Blackened Silk Scroll Refined Blackened Silk Scroll30
10Cyan Frost Scroll Cyan Frost Scroll45
11Essence Exquisite Scroll Essence Exquisite Scroll45
12Rhinoceros Scroll Rhinoceros Scroll45
13Refined Cyan Frost Scroll Refined Cyan Frost Scroll45
14Cyan Frost Scroll Cyan Frost Scroll45
15Indigo Bridge Scroll Indigo Bridge Scroll60
16Essence Damask Scroll Essence Damask Scroll60
17Tiger Roar Scroll Tiger Roar Scroll60
18Secret Jade Tablet Scroll Secret Jade Tablet Scroll60
19Abyss Tryst Scroll Abyss Tryst Scroll60
20Refined Indigo Bridge Scroll Refined Indigo Bridge Scroll60
21Indigo Bridge Scroll Indigo Bridge Scroll60
22Purple Cloud Scroll Purple Cloud Scroll75
23●Fisherman Scroll ●Fisherman Scroll75
24Essence Fine Scroll Essence Fine Scroll75
25Spirit Treasure Scroll Spirit Treasure Scroll75
26Dragon Scroll Dragon Scroll75
27Abyss Rainspell Scroll Abyss Rainspell Scroll75
28Dark Hero Scroll Dark Hero Scroll75
29Refined Purple Cloud Scroll Refined Purple Cloud Scroll75
30Purple Cloud Scroll Purple Cloud Scroll75
31Ochre Scroll Ochre Scroll90
32●Firewood Scroll ●Firewood Scroll90
33Essence Brocade Scroll Essence Brocade Scroll90
34Spirit Pearl Scroll Spirit Pearl Scroll90
35Void Fierce Scroll Void Fierce Scroll90
36Special·Abyss Sunset Scroll Special·Abyss Sunset Scroll90
37Duowan·Abyss Gale Scroll Duowan·Abyss Gale Scroll90
38Sina·Abyss Gale Scroll Sina·Abyss Gale Scroll90
39NetEase·Abyss Gale Scroll NetEase·Abyss Gale Scroll90
40Tencent·Abyss Gale Scroll Tencent·Abyss Gale Scroll90
41Abyss Sunset Scroll Abyss Sunset Scroll90
42Dark White Lotus Scroll Dark White Lotus Scroll90
43Wild Bowstring Scroll Wild Bowstring Scroll90
44Refined Ochre Scroll Refined Ochre Scroll90
45Soulbane Dragon Scroll Soulbane Dragon Scroll90
46Ochre Scroll Ochre Scroll90
47Black Mane Scroll Black Mane Scroll105
48●Mountain Stream Scroll ●Mountain Stream Scroll105
49Ethical Dark Journey Scroll Ethical Dark Journey Scroll105
50Glacier Dark Journey Scroll Glacier Dark Journey Scroll105
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