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# ID Name Level Type
135000Gleaming Boots♂ Gleaming Boots♂15
235001Gleaming Boots♀ Gleaming Boots♀15
336196Ardent Gleaming Boots♂ Ardent Gleaming Boots♂15
436197Ardent Gleaming Boots♀ Ardent Gleaming Boots♀15
542114N/A封神初等怀光靴男 N/A封神初等怀光靴男15
642115N/A封神初等怀光靴女 N/A封神初等怀光靴女15
747983Essence Forbidden Boots♂ Essence Forbidden Boots♂15
847993Essence Forbidden Boots♀ Essence Forbidden Boots♀15
935002Earthshift Boots♂ Earthshift Boots♂30
1035003Earthshift Boots♀ Earthshift Boots♀30
1136198Ardent Earthshift Boots♂ Ardent Earthshift Boots♂30
1236199Ardent Earthshift Boots♀ Ardent Earthshift Boots♀30
1336216Wary Earthshift Boots♂ Wary Earthshift Boots♂30
1436217Wary Earthshift Boots♀ Wary Earthshift Boots♀30
1536262Fervent Earthshift Boots♂ Fervent Earthshift Boots♂30
1636263Fervent Earthshift Boots♀ Fervent Earthshift Boots♀30
1736294Vacuous Earthshift Boots♂ Vacuous Earthshift Boots♂30
1836295Vacuous Earthshift Boots♀ Vacuous Earthshift Boots♀30
1936312Astute Earthshift Boots♂ Astute Earthshift Boots♂30
2036313Astute Earthshift Boots♀ Astute Earthshift Boots♀30
2147984Essence Ruin Boots♂ Essence Ruin Boots♂30
2247994Essence Ruin Boots♀ Essence Ruin Boots♀30
2335004Voidstone Boots♂ Voidstone Boots♂45
2435005Voidstone Boots♀ Voidstone Boots♀45
2536186Voidstone Boots♂ Voidstone Boots♂45
2636187Voidstone Boots♀ Voidstone Boots♀45
2736200Ardent Voidstone Boots♂ Ardent Voidstone Boots♂45
2836201Ardent Voidstone Boots♀ Ardent Voidstone Boots♀45
2936218Wary Voidstone Boots♂ Wary Voidstone Boots♂45
3036219Wary Voidstone Boots♀ Wary Voidstone Boots♀45
3136264Fervent Voidstone Boots♂ Fervent Voidstone Boots♂45
3236265Fervent Voidstone Boots♀ Fervent Voidstone Boots♀45
3336296Vacuous Voidstone Boots♂ Vacuous Voidstone Boots♂45
3436297Vacuous Voidstone Boots♀ Vacuous Voidstone Boots♀45
3536314Astute Voidstone Boots♂ Astute Voidstone Boots♂45
3636315Astute Voidstone Boots♀ Astute Voidstone Boots♀45
3747985Essence Frost Boots♂ Essence Frost Boots♂45
3847995Essence Frost Boots♀ Essence Frost Boots♀45
3935006Bloodbane Boots♂ Bloodbane Boots♂60
4035007Bloodbane Boots♀ Bloodbane Boots♀60
4136188Bloodbane Boots♂ Bloodbane Boots♂60
4236189Bloodbane Boots♀ Bloodbane Boots♀60
4336202Ardent Bloodbane Boots♂ Ardent Bloodbane Boots♂60
4436203Ardent Bloodbane Boots♀ Ardent Bloodbane Boots♀60
4536220Wary Bloodbane Boots♂ Wary Bloodbane Boots♂60
4636221Wary Bloodbane Boots♀ Wary Bloodbane Boots♀60
4736234Arcanum Bloodbane Boots♂ Arcanum Bloodbane Boots♂60
4836235Arcanum Bloodbane Boots♀ Arcanum Bloodbane Boots♀60
4936248Valiant Bloodbane Boots♂ Valiant Bloodbane Boots♂60
5036249Valiant Bloodbane Boots♀ Valiant Bloodbane Boots♀60
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