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# ID Name Level Type
135030Ethereal Hat♂ Ethereal Hat♂15
235031Ethereal Hat♀ Ethereal Hat♀15
336657Ardent Ethereal Hat♂ Ardent Ethereal Hat♂15
436658Ardent Ethereal Hat♀ Ardent Ethereal Hat♀15
542086N/A封神初等天华帽男 N/A封神初等天华帽男15
642087N/A封神初等天华帽女 N/A封神初等天华帽女15
747554Essence Jade Hat♂ Essence Jade Hat♂15
847564Essence Jade Hat♀ Essence Jade Hat♀15
935032Jadesilk Hat♂ Jadesilk Hat♂30
1035033Jadesilk Hat♀ Jadesilk Hat♀30
1136659Ardent Jadesilk Hat♂ Ardent Jadesilk Hat♂30
1236660Ardent Jadesilk Hat♀ Ardent Jadesilk Hat♀30
1336677Wary Jadesilk Hat♂ Wary Jadesilk Hat♂30
1436678Wary Jadesilk Hat♀ Wary Jadesilk Hat♀30
1536723Fervent Jadesilk Hat♂ Fervent Jadesilk Hat♂30
1636724Fervent Jadesilk Hat♀ Fervent Jadesilk Hat♀30
1736755Vacuous Jadesilk Hat♂ Vacuous Jadesilk Hat♂30
1836756Vacuous Jadesilk Hat♀ Vacuous Jadesilk Hat♀30
1936773Astute Jadesilk Hat♂ Astute Jadesilk Hat♂30
2036774Astute Jadesilk Hat♀ Astute Jadesilk Hat♀30
2147555Essence Faith Hat♂ Essence Faith Hat♂30
2247565Essence Faith Hat♀ Essence Faith Hat♀30
2335034Feathersand Hat♂ Feathersand Hat♂45
2435035Feathersand Hat♀ Feathersand Hat♀45
2536647Feathersand Hat♂ Feathersand Hat♂45
2636648Feathersand Hat♀ Feathersand Hat♀45
2736661Ardent Feathersand Hat♂ Ardent Feathersand Hat♂45
2836662Ardent Feathersand Hat♀ Ardent Feathersand Hat♀45
2936679Wary Feathersand Hat♂ Wary Feathersand Hat♂45
3036680Wary Feathersand Hat♀ Wary Feathersand Hat♀45
3136725Fervent Feathersand Hat♂ Fervent Feathersand Hat♂45
3236726Fervent Feathersand Hat♀ Fervent Feathersand Hat♀45
3336757Vacuous Feathersand Hat♂ Vacuous Feathersand Hat♂45
3436758Vacuous Feathersand Hat♀ Vacuous Feathersand Hat♀45
3536775Astute Feathersand Hat♂ Astute Feathersand Hat♂45
3636776Astute Feathersand Hat♀ Astute Feathersand Hat♀45
3747556Essence Hope Hat♂ Essence Hope Hat♂45
3847566Essence Hope Hat♀ Essence Hope Hat♀45
3935036Avalanche Hat♂ Avalanche Hat♂60
4035037Avalanche Hat♀ Avalanche Hat♀60
4136649Avalanche Hat♂ Avalanche Hat♂60
4236650Avalanche Hat♀ Avalanche Hat♀60
4336663Ardent Avalanche Hat♂ Ardent Avalanche Hat♂60
4436664Ardent Avalanche Hat♀ Ardent Avalanche Hat♀60
4536681Wary Avalanche Hat♂ Wary Avalanche Hat♂60
4636682Wary Avalanche Hat♀ Wary Avalanche Hat♀60
4736695Arcanum Avalanche Hat♂ Arcanum Avalanche Hat♂60
4836696Arcanum Avalanche Hat♀ Arcanum Avalanche Hat♀60
4936709Valiant Avalanche Hat♂ Valiant Avalanche Hat♂60
5036710Valiant Avalanche Hat♀ Valiant Avalanche Hat♀60
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