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# ID Name Level Type
172573Moonshade Robe♂ Moonshade Robe♂15
272574Moonshade Robe♀ Moonshade Robe♀15
372643Refined Moonshade Robe Refined Moonshade Robe15
472665Essence Streak Robe♂ Essence Streak Robe♂15
572675Essence Streak Robe♀ Essence Streak Robe♀15
672575Monsoon Robe♂ Monsoon Robe♂30
772576Monsoon Robe♀ Monsoon Robe♀30
872644Refined Monsoon Robe Refined Monsoon Robe30
972666Essence Fountain Robe♂ Essence Fountain Robe♂30
1072676Essence Fountain Robe♀ Essence Fountain Robe♀30
1172577Adornment Robe♂ Adornment Robe♂45
1272578Adornment Robe♀ Adornment Robe♀45
1372645Refined Adornment Robe Refined Adornment Robe45
1472649Adornment Robe♂ Adornment Robe♂45
1572650Adornment Robe♀ Adornment Robe♀45
1672667Essence Rhyme Robe♂ Essence Rhyme Robe♂45
1772677Essence Rhyme Robe♀ Essence Rhyme Robe♀45
1872579Foliage Robe♂ Foliage Robe♂60
1972580Foliage Robe♀ Foliage Robe♀60
2072646Refined Foliage Robe Refined Foliage Robe60
2172651Foliage Robe♂ Foliage Robe♂60
2272652Foliage Robe♀ Foliage Robe♀60
2372668Essence Synergy Robe♂ Essence Synergy Robe♂60
2472678Essence Synergy Robe♀ Essence Synergy Robe♀60
2572707Abyss Authority Robe♂ Abyss Authority Robe♂60
2672714Abyss Authority Robe♀ Abyss Authority Robe♀60
2772581Marshland Robe♂ Marshland Robe♂75
2872582Marshland Robe♀ Marshland Robe♀75
2972593●Pine Chill Robe♂ ●Pine Chill Robe♂75
3072594●Pine Chill Robe♀ ●Pine Chill Robe♀75
3172647Refined Marshland Robe Refined Marshland Robe75
3272653Marshland Robe♂ Marshland Robe♂75
3372654Marshland Robe♀ Marshland Robe♀75
3472669Essence Brew Robe♂ Essence Brew Robe♂75
3572679Essence Brew Robe♀ Essence Brew Robe♀75
3672685Spirit Thunder Robe♂ Spirit Thunder Robe♂75
3772691Spirit Thunder Robe♀ Spirit Thunder Robe♀75
3872708Abyss Defiance Robe♂ Abyss Defiance Robe♂75
3972715Abyss Defiance Robe♀ Abyss Defiance Robe♀75
4072721Shrewd Expanse Robe♂ Shrewd Expanse Robe♂75
4172727Shrewd Expanse Robe♀ Shrewd Expanse Robe♀75
4272583Petalfall Robe♂ Petalfall Robe♂90
4372584Petalfall Robe♀ Petalfall Robe♀90
4472595●Jade Ice Robe♂ ●Jade Ice Robe♂90
4572596●Jade Ice Robe♀ ●Jade Ice Robe♀90
4672648Refined Petalfall Robe Refined Petalfall Robe90
4772655Petalfall Robe♂ Petalfall Robe♂90
4872656Petalfall Robe♀ Petalfall Robe♀90
4972657Soulbane Rhinoplate Robe♂ Soulbane Rhinoplate Robe♂90
5072658Soulbane Rhinoplate Robe♀ Soulbane Rhinoplate Robe♀90
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