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# Name Level Type
1Trigram Trigram1
2N/A测试专用30级食物法宝 N/A测试专用30级食物法宝1
3Colorful Gem Colorful Gem1
4Unregistered Trigram Unregistered Trigram1
5Astral Lantern Astral Lantern1
6Sapphire Case Sapphire Case1
7N/A任务八卦石(作废) N/A任务八卦石(作废)5
8N/A任务六合镜(作废) N/A任务六合镜(作废)5
9N/A任务朱雀印(作废) N/A任务朱雀印(作废)5
10N/A任务轮回珠(作废) N/A任务轮回珠(作废)5
11N/A任务慑心铃(作废) N/A任务慑心铃(作废)5
12Union Mirror Union Mirror15
13Pandora Box Pandora Box15
14Orb of Luck Orb of Luck15
15Shock Bells Shock Bells15
16Bloodjade Bloodjade15
17Furybeast Banner Furybeast Banner15
18Fervent Sheet Fervent Sheet15
19Chish Chish15
20Melody Conch Melody Conch15
21Bright Seal Bright Seal15
22Tektites Tektites15
23Crimson Banner Crimson Banner15
24Starry Path Wood Starry Path Wood15
25Glimpse Glimpse15
26Immemorial Order Immemorial Order15
27Jade Maiden Lantern Jade Maiden Lantern15
28Gorgeous Lantern Gorgeous Lantern15
29Cherished Brush Cherished Brush15
302018 hidden esper 2018 hidden esper15
31Cinnabar Epistle Cinnabar Epistle15
32Flying Tiger Hook Flying Tiger Hook15
33Union Mirror Union Mirror45
34Pandora Box Pandora Box45
35Shock Bells Shock Bells45
36Orb of Luck Orb of Luck45
37Gambler Cube Gambler Cube45
38Festive Lamp Festive Lamp45
39Gambler Cube★ Gambler Cube★45
40Nova Sword Nova Sword75
41Spirit Flag Spirit Flag75
42Golden Wand Golden Wand75
43Serene Orb Serene Orb75
44Earthen Fan Earthen Fan75
45Noxious Cauldron Noxious Cauldron75
46Chi Bottle Chi Bottle75
47Unreal Chi Bottle Unreal Chi Bottle75
48Ruby Pagoda Ruby Pagoda75
49Ominous Aura Ominous Aura75
50Lunar Brooch Lunar Brooch75
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