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# ID Name Level Type
193829Crying Insects Periapt Crying Insects Periapt15
294033Crying Insects Periapt Crying Insects Periapt15
394425Essence Seal Periapt Essence Seal Periapt15
494542Abyss Seal Periapt Abyss Seal Periapt15
594709Refined Crying Insects Periapt Refined Crying Insects Periapt15
695169Crying Insects Periapt Crying Insects Periapt15
795446Test weapon 03 do not change Test weapon 03 do not change15
894041Rainfull Periapt Rainfull Periapt30
994432Essence Tirade Periapt Essence Tirade Periapt30
1094543Abyss Ubiquitous Periapt Abyss Ubiquitous Periapt30
1194547Secret Ubiquitous Periapt Secret Ubiquitous Periapt30
1294710Refined Rainfull Periapt Refined Rainfull Periapt30
1394048Summerflow Periapt Summerflow Periapt45
1494439Essence Raurava Periapt Essence Raurava Periapt45
1594544Abyss Raurava Periapt Abyss Raurava Periapt45
1694711Refined Summerflow Periapt Refined Summerflow Periapt45
1794731Summerflow Periapt Summerflow Periapt45
1894055Moulded Periapt Moulded Periapt60
1994446Essence Vijnana Periapt Essence Vijnana Periapt60
2094545Abyss Vijnana Periapt Abyss Vijnana Periapt60
2194548Secret Vijnana Periapt Secret Vijnana Periapt60
2294610Abyss Nova Periapt Abyss Nova Periapt60
2394712Refined Moulded Periapt Refined Moulded Periapt60
2494738Moulded Periapt Moulded Periapt60
2594062Summer Heat Periapt Summer Heat Periapt75
2694124● Dragon King Periapt ● Dragon King Periapt75
2794453Essence Vanishing Periapt Essence Vanishing Periapt75
2894495Spirit Uccheda Periapt Spirit Uccheda Periapt75
2994546Abyss Vanishing Periapt Abyss Vanishing Periapt75
3094617Abyss Rainbow Periapt Abyss Rainbow Periapt75
3194659Dark Myriad Periapt Dark Myriad Periapt75
3294713Refined Summer Heat Periapt Refined Summer Heat Periapt75
3394745Summer Heat Periapt Summer Heat Periapt75
3494069Chaotic Spring Periapt Chaotic Spring Periapt90
3594131● Majestic Periapt ● Majestic Periapt90
3694460Essence Chariot Periapt Essence Chariot Periapt90
3794502Spirit Coiling Periapt Spirit Coiling Periapt90
3894537Void Prthak Periapt Void Prthak Periapt90
399455317174·Cicada of the U. 17174·Cicada of the U.90
4094557Duowan·Poisonfeather Periapt Duowan·Poisonfeather Periapt90
4194560Sina·Poisonfeather Periapt Sina·Poisonfeather Periapt90
4294563NetEase·Poisonfeather Periapt NetEase·Poisonfeather Periapt90
4394566Tencent·Poisonfeather Periapt Tencent·Poisonfeather Periapt90
4494624Abyss Temporal Periapt Abyss Temporal Periapt90
4594666Dark Regional Periapt Dark Regional Periapt90
4694701Wild Textulariida Periapt Wild Textulariida Periapt90
4794714Refined Chaotic Spring Periapt Refined Chaotic Spring Periapt90
4894724Soulbane Dragon Omen Periapt Soulbane Dragon Omen Periapt90
4994752Chaotic Spring Periapt Chaotic Spring Periapt90
5094005Descending Dew Periapt Descending Dew Periapt105
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