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# ID Name Level Type
155Iron Sword Iron Sword1
257Apprentice Saber Apprentice Saber1
358Wooden Staff Wooden Staff1
47298N/A虚无的细虫鱼饵 N/A虚无的细虫鱼饵1
57300N/A虚无的米虫鱼饵 N/A虚无的米虫鱼饵1
67301N/A虚无的熏花鱼饵 N/A虚无的熏花鱼饵1
77302N/A虚无的红虫鱼饵 N/A虚无的红虫鱼饵1
810970Training Blade Training Blade1
913295¤Best Shell GM¤ ¤Best Shell GM¤1
1013296¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤ ¤Forrest's Footwear GM¤1
1113297¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤ ¤Kiwi Fruit Helm GM¤1
1213298¤Huge Mantou GM¤ ¤Huge Mantou GM¤1
1313299Ring Ring1
1413300¤Nothing Suit GM¤ ¤Nothing Suit GM¤1
1513380&GM DMG Add-on &GM DMG Add-on1
1616365N/A测试一转武器 N/A测试一转武器1
1716394Gangster Memory Gangster Memory1
1816552^ffdc50Sword of^ff0000 Weapon ^ffdc50Sword of^ff0000 Weapon1
1919198Incensewood Sword Incensewood Sword1
2019199Boxing Gloves Boxing Gloves1
2119423N/A测试仙魔武器 N/A测试仙魔武器1
2219617Wind Wish Sword Wind Wish Sword1
2319618Moon Wish Sword Moon Wish Sword1
2421147N/A测试称号要求 N/A测试称号要求1
2521148N/A测试声望要求 N/A测试声望要求1
2621149N/A测试仙武器 N/A测试仙武器1
2722057Burning Celestial Binder Burning Celestial Binder1
2822458N/A测试血祭武器 N/A测试血祭武器1
2923213Wedding Candy Wedding Candy1
3023306Stellamos Charm Stellamos Charm1
3123863Warrior Sword Warrior Sword1
3223864Warrior Staff Warrior Staff1
3325346Invisible Sickle Invisible Sickle1
3425347Soundless Piano Soundless Piano1
3528767Hard Bow Hard Bow1
3628768Steel Axe Steel Axe1
3729900N/A竞技场_武器 N/A竞技场_武器1
3831880Iron Axe Iron Axe1
3931881Wood Bow Wood Bow1
4031882Refined Axe Refined Axe1
4131883Refined Bow Refined Bow1
4233460Gas-filled Hammer Gas-filled Hammer1
4333495N/A弹弓 N/A弹弓1
4437851Iron Scythe Iron Scythe1
4537852Bamboo Zither Bamboo Zither1
4637868Scythe Scythe1
4737869Zither Zither1
4837870Polished Scythe Polished Scythe1
4937871Polished Zither Polished Zither1
5040353Dust Soul Dust Soul1
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