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# ID Name Level Type
125524Petal Plate♂ Petal Plate♂15
225525Petal Plate♀ Petal Plate♀15
328033Ardent Petal Plate♂ Ardent Petal Plate♂15
428105Refined Petal Plate♂ Refined Petal Plate♂15
528206Ardent Petal Plate♀ Ardent Petal Plate♀15
642100N/A封神初等烈山甲男 N/A封神初等烈山甲男15
742101N/A封神初等烈山甲女 N/A封神初等烈山甲女15
847359Essence Hunter Armor♂ Essence Hunter Armor♂15
947369Essence Hunter Armor♀ Essence Hunter Armor♀15
1025526Lace Plate♂ Lace Plate♂30
1125527Lace Plate♀ Lace Plate♀30
1228034Ardent Lace Plate♂ Ardent Lace Plate♂30
1328043Wary Lace Plate♂ Wary Lace Plate♂30
1428066Fervent Lace Plate♂ Fervent Lace Plate♂30
1528082Vacuous Lace Plate♂ Vacuous Lace Plate♂30
1628091Astute Lace Plate♂ Astute Lace Plate♂30
1728106Refined Lace Plate♂ Refined Lace Plate♂30
1828207Ardent Lace Plate♀ Ardent Lace Plate♀30
1928216Wary Lace Plate♀ Wary Lace Plate♀30
2028239Fervent Lace Plate♀ Fervent Lace Plate♀30
2128255Vacuous Lace Plate♀ Vacuous Lace Plate♀30
2228264Astute Lace Plate♀ Astute Lace Plate♀30
2347360Essence Canyon Armor♂ Essence Canyon Armor♂30
2447370Essence Canyon Armor♀ Essence Canyon Armor♀30
2525528Velvet Plate♂ Velvet Plate♂45
2625529Velvet Plate♀ Velvet Plate♀45
2728028Velvet Plate♂ Velvet Plate♂45
2828035Ardent Velvet Plate♂ Ardent Velvet Plate♂45
2928044Wary Velvet Plate♂ Wary Velvet Plate♂45
3028067Fervent Velvet Plate♂ Fervent Velvet Plate♂45
3128083Vacuous Velvet Plate♂ Vacuous Velvet Plate♂45
3228092Astute Velvet Plate♂ Astute Velvet Plate♂45
3328107Refined Velvet Plate♂ Refined Velvet Plate♂45
3428201Velvet Plate♀ Velvet Plate♀45
3528208Ardent Velvet Plate♀ Ardent Velvet Plate♀45
3628217Wary Velvet Plate♀ Wary Velvet Plate♀45
3728240Fervent Velvet Plate♀ Fervent Velvet Plate♀45
3828256Vacuous Velvet Plate♀ Vacuous Velvet Plate♀45
3928265Astute Velvet Plate♀ Astute Velvet Plate♀45
4047361Essence Pride Armor♂ Essence Pride Armor♂45
4147371Essence Pride Armor♀ Essence Pride Armor♀45
4225530Violet Plate♂ Violet Plate♂60
4325531Violet Plate♀ Violet Plate♀60
4428029Violet Plate♂ Violet Plate♂60
4528036Ardent Violet Plate♂ Ardent Violet Plate♂60
4628045Wary Violet Plate♂ Wary Violet Plate♂60
4728052Arcanum Violet Plate♂ Arcanum Violet Plate♂60
4828059Valiant Violet Plate♂ Valiant Violet Plate♂60
4928068Fervent Violet Plate♂ Fervent Violet Plate♂60
5028075Euphoric Violet Plate♂ Euphoric Violet Plate♂60
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