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# ID Name Level Type
194036Toadeye Shoes♀ Toadeye Shoes♀15
294037Toadeye Shoes♂ Toadeye Shoes♂15
394428Essence Silence Shoes♀ Essence Silence Shoes♀15
494429Essence Silence Shoes♂ Essence Silence Shoes♂15
595357Test shoes 01 Test shoes 0115
695358Test shoes 02 Test shoes 0215
795447Test shoes 03 do not change Test shoes 03 do not change15
894044Ripplewave Shoes♀ Ripplewave Shoes♀30
994045Ripplewave Shoes♂ Ripplewave Shoes♂30
1094435Essence Keen Shoes♀ Essence Keen Shoes♀30
1194436Essence Keen Shoes♂ Essence Keen Shoes♂30
1294051Rainbowflame Shoes♀ Rainbowflame Shoes♀45
1394052Rainbowflame Shoes♂ Rainbowflame Shoes♂45
1494442Essence Stoneguard Boots♀ Essence Stoneguard Boots♀45
1594443Essence Stoneguard Boots♂ Essence Stoneguard Boots♂45
1694734Rainbowflame Shoes♀ Rainbowflame Shoes♀45
1794735Rainbowflame Shoes♂ Rainbowflame Shoes♂45
1894058Cherry Blossom Shoes♀ Cherry Blossom Shoes♀60
1994059Cherry Blossom Shoes♂ Cherry Blossom Shoes♂60
2094449Essence Limpid Shoes♀ Essence Limpid Shoes♀60
2194450Essence Limpid Shoes♂ Essence Limpid Shoes♂60
2294613Abyss Alchemic Shoes♀ Abyss Alchemic Shoes♀60
2394614Abyss Alchemic Shoes♂ Abyss Alchemic Shoes♂60
2494741Cherry Blossom Shoes♀ Cherry Blossom Shoes♀60
2594742Cherry Blossom Shoes♂ Cherry Blossom Shoes♂60
2694065Cinders Shoes♀ Cinders Shoes♀75
2794066Cinders Shoes♂ Cinders Shoes♂75
2894127● Nourishment Shoes♀ ● Nourishment Shoes♀75
2994128● Nourishment Shoes♂ ● Nourishment Shoes♂75
3094456Essence Soaring Shoes♀ Essence Soaring Shoes♀75
3194457Essence Soaring Shoes♂ Essence Soaring Shoes♂75
3294498Spirit Upeksa Shoes♀ Spirit Upeksa Shoes♀75
3394499Spirit Upeksa Shoes♂ Spirit Upeksa Shoes♂75
3494620Abyss Stonespill Shoes♀ Abyss Stonespill Shoes♀75
3594621Abyss Stonespill Shoes♂ Abyss Stonespill Shoes♂75
3694662Dark Parajikas Shoes♀ Dark Parajikas Shoes♀75
3794663Dark Parajikas Shoes♂ Dark Parajikas Shoes♂75
3894748Cinders Shoes♀ Cinders Shoes♀75
3994749Cinders Shoes♂ Cinders Shoes♂75
4094072Hazy Maple Shoes♀ Hazy Maple Shoes♀90
4194073Hazy Maple Shoes♂ Hazy Maple Shoes♂90
4294134● Windfall Shoes♀ ● Windfall Shoes♀90
4394135● Windfall Shoes♂ ● Windfall Shoes♂90
4494463Essence Indulgent Shoes♀ Essence Indulgent Shoes♀90
4594464Essence Indulgent Shoes♂ Essence Indulgent Shoes♂90
4694505Spirit Rampant Shoes♀ Spirit Rampant Shoes♀90
4794506Spirit Rampant Shoes♂ Spirit Rampant Shoes♂90
4894540Void Sunlight Shoes♀ Void Sunlight Shoes♀90
4994541Void Sunlight Shoes♂ Void Sunlight Shoes♂90
5094627Abyss Eloquence Shoes♀ Abyss Eloquence Shoes♀90
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