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# ID Name Level Type
145033Shellplate Helm♂ Shellplate Helm♂15
245034Shellplate Helm♀ Shellplate Helm♀15
348373Essence Stinger Helm♂ Essence Stinger Helm♂15
448383Essence Stinger Helm♀ Essence Stinger Helm♀15
545040Darkcoil Helm♂ Darkcoil Helm♂30
645041Darkcoil Helm♀ Darkcoil Helm♀30
748374Essence Wyvern Helm♂ Essence Wyvern Helm♂30
848384Essence Wyvern Helm♀ Essence Wyvern Helm♀30
945047Wartime Helm♂ Wartime Helm♂45
1045048Wartime Helm♀ Wartime Helm♀45
1145129Wartime Helm♂ Wartime Helm♂45
1245130Wartime Helm♀ Wartime Helm♀45
1348375Essence Bramble Helm♂ Essence Bramble Helm♂45
1448385Essence Bramble Helm♀ Essence Bramble Helm♀45
1545054Panther Helm♂ Panther Helm♂60
1645055Panther Helm♀ Panther Helm♀60
1745131Panther Helm♂ Panther Helm♂60
1845132Panther Helm♀ Panther Helm♀60
1948376Essence Thorn Helm♂ Essence Thorn Helm♂60
2048386Essence Thorn Helm♀ Essence Thorn Helm♀60
2148415Abyss Heartshiver Helm♂ Abyss Heartshiver Helm♂60
2248422Abyss Heartshiver Helm♀ Abyss Heartshiver Helm♀60
2344864●Complicated Soul Helm♂ ●Complicated Soul Helm♂75
2444865●Complicated Soul Helm♀ ●Complicated Soul Helm♀75
2545061Griffin Helm♂ Griffin Helm♂75
2645062Griffin Helm♀ Griffin Helm♀75
2745133Griffin Helm♂ Griffin Helm♂75
2845134Griffin Helm♀ Griffin Helm♀75
2948377Essence Chrome Helm♂ Essence Chrome Helm♂75
3048387Essence Chrome Helm♀ Essence Chrome Helm♀75
3148393Spirit Tassel Helm♂ Spirit Tassel Helm♂75
3248399Spirit Tassel Helm♀ Spirit Tassel Helm♀75
3348416Abyss Darkhunt Helm♂ Abyss Darkhunt Helm♂75
3448423Abyss Darkhunt Helm♀ Abyss Darkhunt Helm♀75
3548429Shrewd Squareinferno Helm♂ Shrewd Squareinferno Helm♂75
3648435Shrewd Squareinferno Helm♀ Shrewd Squareinferno Helm♀75
3744871●Farland Spirit Helm♂ ●Farland Spirit Helm♂90
3844872●Farland Spirit Helm♀ ●Farland Spirit Helm♀90
3945068Raincloud Helm♂ Raincloud Helm♂90
4045069Raincloud Helm♀ Raincloud Helm♀90
4145135Raincloud Helm♂ Raincloud Helm♂90
4245136Raincloud Helm♀ Raincloud Helm♀90
4345166Goldbird Stout Helm♂ Goldbird Stout Helm♂90
4445167Goldbird Stout Helm♀ Goldbird Stout Helm♀90
4548378Essence Rhino Helm♂ Essence Rhino Helm♂90
4648388Essence Rhino Helm♀ Essence Rhino Helm♀90
4748394Spirit March Helm♂ Spirit March Helm♂90
4848400Spirit March Helm♀ Spirit March Helm♀90
4948405Void Fang Helm♂ Void Fang Helm♂90
5048410Void Fang Helm♀ Void Fang Helm♀90
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