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# ID Name Level Type
1296Canine Duoblade Canine Duoblade15
24686Elite Canine Duoblade Elite Canine Duoblade15
35558Ardent Canine Duoblade Ardent Canine Duoblade15
45559Sharp Canine Duoblade Sharp Canine Duoblade15
56231Sturdy Canine Duoblade Sturdy Canine Duoblade15
610958Fiery Duoblade Fiery Duoblade15
724022Refined Canine Duoblade Refined Canine Duoblade15
845877Essence Blessed Blade Essence Blessed Blade15
9297Cirrus Duoblade Cirrus Duoblade30
102727Ardent Cirrus Duoblade Ardent Cirrus Duoblade30
113547Sturdy Cirrus Duoblade Sturdy Cirrus Duoblade30
123559Loyal Cirrus Duoblade Loyal Cirrus Duoblade30
134687Arcane Cirrus Duoblade Arcane Cirrus Duoblade30
145560Refined Cirrus Duoblade Refined Cirrus Duoblade30
156506Excellent Cirrus Duoblade Excellent Cirrus Duoblade30
1610959Flamedance Duoblade Flamedance Duoblade30
1724023Refined Cirrus Duoblade Refined Cirrus Duoblade30
1845878Essence Tough Blade Essence Tough Blade30
19298Darkness Duoblade Darkness Duoblade45
202728Ardent Darkness Duoblade Ardent Darkness Duoblade45
213548Sturdy Darkness Duoblade Sturdy Darkness Duoblade45
223560Loyal Darkness Duoblade Loyal Darkness Duoblade45
235561Crafted Darkness Duoblade Crafted Darkness Duoblade45
2410960Flamesteel Duoblade Flamesteel Duoblade45
2516457Darkness Duoblade Darkness Duoblade45
2624024Refined Darkness Duoblade Refined Darkness Duoblade45
2745879Essence Slash Blade Essence Slash Blade45
28299Insignia Duoblade Insignia Duoblade60
292729Ardent Insignia Duoblade Ardent Insignia Duoblade60
302978Duoblade of Arbiter Duoblade of Arbiter60
313549Sturdy Insignia Duoblade Sturdy Insignia Duoblade60
323561Loyal Insignia Duoblade Loyal Insignia Duoblade60
333571Devil's Cry Devil's Cry60
343575Bloodfall Duoblade Bloodfall Duoblade60
353579Blasphemer Duoblade Blasphemer Duoblade60
363583Soul Crusher Soul Crusher60
3716458Insignia Duoblade Insignia Duoblade60
3817813Arcane Insignia Duoblade Arcane Insignia Duoblade60
3919906Duoblade Flamoid of Valor Duoblade Flamoid of Valor60
4023906Bloodfire Duoblade Bloodfire Duoblade60
4124025Refined Insignia Duoblade Refined Insignia Duoblade60
4245880Essence Highwind Blade Essence Highwind Blade60
4345898Abyss Flamebreath Blade Abyss Flamebreath Blade60
44300Sharkfin Duoblade Sharkfin Duoblade75
452730Ardent Sharkfin Duoblade Ardent Sharkfin Duoblade75
462979Soul Slasher Soul Slasher75
474903Sturdy Sharkfin Duoblade Sturdy Sharkfin Duoblade75
484904Loyal Sharkfin Duoblade Loyal Sharkfin Duoblade75
494905Frenzy Duoblade Frenzy Duoblade75
504906Sharkfin of Fury Sharkfin of Fury75
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