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# Name Level Type
1Jade of Lightning Blast Jade of Lightning Blast1
2Jade of Lightning Blast Jade of Lightning Blast1
3Meridian Pyre Meridian Pyre1
4Rest Spell Rest Spell1
5Chi Bottle Tome Chi Bottle Tome1
6Unreal Trigram Unreal Trigram1
7Jade of Lightning Blast Jade of Lightning Blast1
8Trigram Essence Trigram Essence1
9Star Tear Star Tear1
10Majesty Note Majesty Note1
11Silver light Silver light1
12Frost residue (abandoned) Frost residue (abandoned)1
13Hill Snow Hill Snow15
14Sunny Breeze Sunny Breeze15
15n/a灵族_归云_15级秘笈 n/a灵族_归云_15级秘笈15
16Silver Snow Brush Silver Snow Brush15
17Bamboo Restrained River Goddess Bamboo Restrained River Goddess15
18Cloud Jadepad Cloud Jadepad15
19Lunarglow MIst Lunarglow MIst15
20Beast Map Beast Map15
21Electricity Marble Electricity Marble15
22Celesoul Justice Celesoul Justice15
23Powerful Tempest Powerful Tempest15
24Sinew Breaker Sinew Breaker15
25Underworld Poem Underworld Poem15
26Phoenix Blaze Phoenix Blaze15
27Love God Gem Love God Gem15
28Firebird Scroll Firebird Scroll15
29Radiance Book Radiance Book15
30Light Scabbard Light Scabbard15
31Water Drop Water Drop15
32Ancient Kit Ancient Kit15
33Ancient Music Ancient Music15
34Flareburn Pendant Flareburn Pendant15
35Agony of Departure Agony of Departure15
36Pendant of Exuberance Pendant of Exuberance15
37Sculpture of Rebirth Sculpture of Rebirth15
38Chant of Renegade Chant of Renegade15
39Note of Spellbind Note of Spellbind15
40Word of Abstruseness Word of Abstruseness15
41Tales of Unity Tales of Unity15
42Beast Gallbladder Beast Gallbladder15
43Foxeron Cloak Foxeron Cloak15
44Wasteland Seal Wasteland Seal15
45Welkin Dance Welkin Dance15
46Soultrap Stone Soultrap Stone15
47Golden Hook Chisel Golden Hook Chisel15
48Chiwu Ling Chiwu Ling15
49Biyu Kong Song Biyu Kong Song15
50Frost Remnant Frost Remnant15
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