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# ID Name Level Type
198405Pure South Helm♀ Pure South Helm♀15
298406Pure South Helm♂ Pure South Helm♂15
398797Essence Commended Helm♀ Essence Commended Helm♀15
498798Essence Commended Helm♂ Essence Commended Helm♂15
599471Test Helm Test Helm15
698413Chaotic Helm♀ Chaotic Helm♀30
798414Chaotic Helm♂ Chaotic Helm♂30
898804Essence Seashore Helm♀ Essence Seashore Helm♀30
998805Essence Seashore Helm♂ Essence Seashore Helm♂30
1098420Condemned Helm♀ Condemned Helm♀45
1198421Condemned Helm♂ Condemned Helm♂45
1298811Essence Mash Helm♀ Essence Mash Helm♀45
1398812Essence Mash Helm♂ Essence Mash Helm♂45
1499103Condemned Helm♀ Condemned Helm♀45
1599104Condemned Helm♂ Condemned Helm♂45
1698427Allotment Helm♀ Allotment Helm♀60
1798428Allotment Helm♂ Allotment Helm♂60
1898818Essence Islet Helm♀ Essence Islet Helm♀60
1998819Essence Islet Helm♂ Essence Islet Helm♂60
2098982Abyss Veda Helm♀ Abyss Veda Helm♀60
2198983Abyss Veda Helm♂ Abyss Veda Helm♂60
2299110Allotment Helm♀ Allotment Helm♀60
2399111Allotment Helm♂ Allotment Helm♂60
2498434Virtue Helm♀ Virtue Helm♀75
2598435Virtue Helm♂ Virtue Helm♂75
2698496● Unyielding Dream Helm♀ ● Unyielding Dream Helm♀75
2798497● Unyielding Dream Helm♂ ● Unyielding Dream Helm♂75
2898825Essence Fragrance Helm♀ Essence Fragrance Helm♀75
2998826Essence Fragrance Helm♂ Essence Fragrance Helm♂75
3098867Spirit Burden Helm♀ Spirit Burden Helm♀75
3198868Spirit Burden Helm♂ Spirit Burden Helm♂75
3298989Abyss Frigid Helm♀ Abyss Frigid Helm♀75
3398990Abyss Frigid Helm♂ Abyss Frigid Helm♂75
3499031Dark Elated Helm♀ Dark Elated Helm♀75
3599032Dark Elated Helm♂ Dark Elated Helm♂75
3699117Virtue Helm♀ Virtue Helm♀75
3799118Virtue Helm♂ Virtue Helm♂75
3898441Goosefoot Helm♀ Goosefoot Helm♀90
3998442Goosefoot Helm♂ Goosefoot Helm♂90
4098503● Flowing Jade Helm♀ ● Flowing Jade Helm♀90
4198504● Flowing Jade Helm♂ ● Flowing Jade Helm♂90
4298832Essence Jasper Helm♀ Essence Jasper Helm♀90
4398833Essence Jasper Helm♂ Essence Jasper Helm♂90
4498874Spirit Descendant Helm♀ Spirit Descendant Helm♀90
4598875Spirit Descendant Helm♂ Spirit Descendant Helm♂90
4698909Void Blossom Helm♀ Void Blossom Helm♀90
4798910Void Blossom Helm♂ Void Blossom Helm♂90
4898996Abyss Ascarya Helm♀ Abyss Ascarya Helm♀90
4998997Abyss Ascarya Helm♂ Abyss Ascarya Helm♂90
5099038Dark Effete Helm♀ Dark Effete Helm♀90
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