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# Name Level Type
1Template Abandoned Template Abandoned-
2Abandon Abandon-
3Spell Stone Spell Stone1
4Celestial Mirror Celestial Mirror1
5Celestial Rope Celestial Rope1
6Mago Stone Mago Stone1
7N/A2010春节活动玺绶_年兽 N/A2010春节活动玺绶_年兽1
8Token of Concentration Token of Concentration1
9Magic Seal Magic Seal1
10Wedding Brush Wedding Brush1
11Starry Sky Starry Sky1
12N/A2010教师节活动用玺绶02 N/A2010教师节活动用玺绶021
132010 Mid-autumn Festival Legacy 2010 Mid-autumn Festival Legacy1
14Dew Bottle Dew Bottle1
15Prayer Lection Prayer Lection1
16Moon Cloud Mirror Moon Cloud Mirror1
17Pretty Lotus Pretty Lotus1
18Cyntec Seal Origins of Chaos Cyntec Seal Origins of Chaos1
19Cyntec Seal Two-Dragon Splendor Cyntec Seal Two-Dragon Splendor1
20Cyntec Seal Three-Light Glow Cyntec Seal Three-Light Glow1
21Seal for testing Seal for testing1
22Test Seal 2 Test Seal 21
23Torch Torch1
24Brave Heart Brave Heart1
25Soul Scepter Soul Scepter1
26Cyntec Seal Four-Seas Saga Cyntec Seal Four-Seas Saga15
27Water Contrary Water Contrary20
28Ten Tigers Ten Tigers20
29Flame Flame20
30Ancient Curve Ancient Curve20
31Mountain and River Mountain and River20
32LV7 LV720
33Reign Reign20
34Icebite Icebite20
35Ink Snow Ink Snow20
36Flame Feather Flame Feather20
37Heaven Sanction Heaven Sanction20
38Dragon Slay Dragon Slay20
39Willow Leaf Willow Leaf30
40Rabbit Trap Rabbit Trap30
41N/A家族战场副本10 N/A家族战场副本1030
42New Year Stamp 1 New Year Stamp 145
43Cyntec Seal Five-Peaks Legacy Cyntec Seal Five-Peaks Legacy45
44Cyntec Seal Six-Chi Spirit Cyntec Seal Six-Chi Spirit45
45Cyntec Seal Nine-Song Source Cyntec Seal Nine-Song Source45
46Cyntec: Realmglow·Cosmos Shadow Cyntec: Realmglow·Cosmos Shadow45
47Cyntec: Realmglow·Dark Moon Cyntec: Realmglow·Dark Moon45
48Cyntec: Realmglow·Night Tide Cyntec: Realmglow·Night Tide45
49Cyntec: Realmglow·Clear Water Cyntec: Realmglow·Clear Water45
50Cyntec: Realmglow·Mountain Pit Cyntec: Realmglow·Mountain Pit45
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