Looking for santa


Chinese: 寻找圣诞老人

Russian: Looking for santa


Right-click the 'Western Magic Crystal' in the package, and follow the instructions of the magic crystal to find the lost Santa Claus. Due to the limited magic power of 'Western Magic Crystal', please be sure to complete it within 15 minutes.
1. Right-click the Western Magic Crystal in the package for the first time to open the interface of the magic spar, and click the second time to close the interface of the magic spar. (Western Magic Crystal can only be used in Kunlun)
2. Players can determine the distance to Santa Claus according to the flashing point in the center of the Western Region Magic Crystal. (If the distance is more than 1000 meters, there will be no flashing point in the center of the magic spar)
3. A yellow dot means far away from Santa Claus, blue means far away, green dot means medium, orange means near, red means very close, and red heart means it has reached Santa’s location.
4. When a red heart is displayed in the magic spar, click on the red hea

Required quest: Yuxue Sunstream Christmas (30+)

Success Award

iPhaseID: 639 CLOSED

iPhaseID: 640 CLOSED

iPhaseID: 641 CLOSED

iPhaseID: 642 CLOSED

iPhaseID: 643 CLOSED


Group 0

Taichi Pill x 300 Bound

Treasure box x 1 Bound

Star Weave Vigor x 20 Bound

Christmas Balls x 1 Bound

Christmas Sock x 1 Bound

Activated by npc(s)

Reindeer Kid

Delivery NPC

Reindeer Kid - "New Main City" 438, 657

Time limited

08:00 17/12/2019 - 23:59 25/12/2019

Quest stats

Level: (30+)

m_ulTimeLimit: 900

m_ulTimetable: 1

m_bExeChildInOrder: 1

Parent fails if give up the subtask

Can give up the quest


Repeatable after failure

m_bNeedRecord: 1

m_bClearAcquired: 1

m_bShowPrompt: 1

m_ulDelvNPC: 86382

m_bCanSeekOut: 1

m_bShowDirection: 1

m_fStorageWeight: 1

m_ulRank: 1

m_bRecFinishCount: 1

m_ulMaxFinishCount: 1

m_nFinishTimeType: 1

m_ulDisplayType: 2

m_bShowByLev: 1

m_bShowByItems: 1

m_bShowByDeposit: 1

m_bShowByRepu: 1

m_ulPremise_Task_Count: 1

m_bShowByPreTask: 1

m_bShowByPeriod: 1

m_bShowByFaction: 1

m_bShowByGender: 1

m_bShowByOccup: 1

m_lPKValueMin: -999

m_lPKValueMax: 999

m_bShowByTeam: 1

m_bShowByFengshenLvl: 1

m_ulReachSiteId: 1

m_ulFirstChild: 47105

m_nSubCount: 3