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# Name Level Type
451Abyss Foulillusion Armor♂ Abyss Foulillusion Armor♂146
452Abyss Foulillusion Armor♀ Abyss Foulillusion Armor♀146
453Shrewd Falserage Armor♂ Shrewd Falserage Armor♂146
454Shrewd Falserage Armor♀ Shrewd Falserage Armor♀146
455Wild Bloodprint Armor♂ Wild Bloodprint Armor♂146
456Wild Bloodprint Armor♀ Wild Bloodprint Armor♀146
457Strategist Exalted Plate♂ Strategist Exalted Plate♂150
458Strategist Exalted Plate♀ Strategist Exalted Plate♀150
459Imperial Strategist Plate♂ Imperial Strategist Plate♂150
460Imperial Strategist Plate♀ Imperial Strategist Plate♀150
461N/A炼狱声望装100级鬼王宗甲男 N/A炼狱声望装100级鬼王宗甲男150
462N/A炼狱声望装100级鬼王宗甲女 N/A炼狱声望装100级鬼王宗甲女150
463Valorous Holyfire Coat♂ Valorous Holyfire Coat♂150
464Valorous Holyfire Coat♀ Valorous Holyfire Coat♀150
465●Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂ ●Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂150
466●Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀ ●Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀150
467○Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂ ○Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂153
468○Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀ ○Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀153
469□Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂ □Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂153
470□Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀ □Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀153
471■Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂ ■Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂153
472■Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀ ■Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀153
473◇Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂ ◇Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♂153
474◇Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀ ◇Scion·Barbaric Ghost Armor♀153
475●Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂ ●Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂155
476●Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀ ●Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀155
477○Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂ ○Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂157
478○Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀ ○Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀157
479□Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂ □Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂157
480□Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀ □Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀157
481■Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂ ■Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂157
482■Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀ ■Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀157
483◇Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂ ◇Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♂157
484◇Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀ ◇Gaian·Cruel Devil's Armor♀157
485●Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂ ●Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂160
486●Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀ ●Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀160
487○Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂ ○Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂160
488○Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀ ○Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀160
489□Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂ □Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂160
490□Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀ □Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀160
491■Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂ ■Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂160
492■Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀ ■Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀160
493◇Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂ ◇Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♂160
494◇Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀ ◇Lumen·Demon Lord's Armor♀160
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