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# Name Level Type
101Ancient Fury Trident Ancient Fury Trident148
102Essence Favored Soul Trident Essence Favored Soul Trident148
103Spirit Favored Heart Trident Spirit Favored Heart Trident148
104Void Favored Anima Trident Void Favored Anima Trident148
105Energy Torrent Trident Energy Torrent Trident150
106Harbringer Harbringer150
107Abyss Hallowed Soul Trident Abyss Hallowed Soul Trident150
108Dark Hallowed Spirit Trident Dark Hallowed Spirit Trident150
109Wild Shadow Soul Trident Wild Shadow Soul Trident150
110●Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ●Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident150
111Ultimate: Harbringer Ultimate: Harbringer150
112○Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ○Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
113□Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident □Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
114■Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ■Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
115◇Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ◇Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
116Icestar Panorama Spear Icestar Panorama Spear154
117●Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ●Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident155
118○Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ○Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
119□Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident □Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
120■Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ■Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
121◇Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ◇Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
122Cosmos Mystery Spear Cosmos Mystery Spear158
123●Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ●Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
124○Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ○Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
125□Lumen·Neon Drake Trident □Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
126■Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ■Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
127◇Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ◇Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
128Endless Fiction Spear Endless Fiction Spear160
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