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# ID Name Level Type
10159709Ancient Fury Trident Ancient Fury Trident148
10259778Essence Favored Soul Trident Essence Favored Soul Trident148
10359784Spirit Favored Heart Trident Spirit Favored Heart Trident148
10459789Void Favored Anima Trident Void Favored Anima Trident148
10559753Energy Torrent Trident Energy Torrent Trident150
10659754Harbringer Harbringer150
10759796Abyss Hallowed Soul Trident Abyss Hallowed Soul Trident150
10859802Dark Hallowed Spirit Trident Dark Hallowed Spirit Trident150
10959807Wild Shadow Soul Trident Wild Shadow Soul Trident150
11059925●Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ●Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident150
11167017Ultimate: Harbringer Ultimate: Harbringer150
11259937○Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ○Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
11359949□Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident □Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
11459961■Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ■Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
11559973◇Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident ◇Scion·Loveless Remnant Trident154
11671347Icestar Panorama Spear Icestar Panorama Spear154
11759929●Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ●Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident155
11859941○Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ○Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
11959953□Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident □Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
12059965■Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ■Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
12159977◇Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident ◇Gaian·Infernal Fiend Trident158
12271348Cosmos Mystery Spear Cosmos Mystery Spear158
12359933●Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ●Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
12459945○Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ○Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
12559957□Lumen·Neon Drake Trident □Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
12659969■Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ■Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
12759981◇Lumen·Neon Drake Trident ◇Lumen·Neon Drake Trident160
12871349Endless Fiction Spear Endless Fiction Spear160
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