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# ID Name Level Type
5178463Spirit Chain Shoes♀ Spirit Chain Shoes♀90
5278464Spirit Chain Shoes♂ Spirit Chain Shoes♂90
5378474Void Shining Shoes♀ Void Shining Shoes♀90
5478475Void Shining Shoes♂ Void Shining Shoes♂90
5578488Abyss Ceremonial Shoes♀ Abyss Ceremonial Shoes♀90
5678489Abyss Ceremonial Shoes♂ Abyss Ceremonial Shoes♂90
5778501Dark Fighting Grass Shoes♀ Dark Fighting Grass Shoes♀90
5878502Dark Fighting Grass Shoes♂ Dark Fighting Grass Shoes♂90
5978511Wild Lute Shoes♀ Wild Lute Shoes♀90
6078512Wild Lute Shoes♂ Wild Lute Shoes♂90
6178513Soulbane of Glutton♀ Soulbane of Glutton♀90
6278514Soulbane of Glutton♂ Soulbane of Glutton♂90
6378521Coarse Unfasten Shoes♀ Coarse Unfasten Shoes♀90
6478522Coarse Unfasten Shoes♂ Coarse Unfasten Shoes♂90
6578317Metal Ore Shoes♂ Metal Ore Shoes♂105
6678319Metal Ore Shoes♀ Metal Ore Shoes♀105
6778338●Virtuous Illusion Shoes♀ ●Virtuous Illusion Shoes♀105
6878339●Virtuous Illusion Shoes♂ ●Virtuous Illusion Shoes♂105
6978364□Virtuous Illusion Shoes♀ □Virtuous Illusion Shoes♀105
7078365□Virtuous Illusion Shoes♂ □Virtuous Illusion Shoes♂105
7178422Ethical Impact Shoes♀ Ethical Impact Shoes♀105
7278423Ethical Impact Shoes♂ Ethical Impact Shoes♂105
7378424Glacier Impact Shoes♀ Glacier Impact Shoes♀105
7478425Glacier Impact Shoes♂ Glacier Impact Shoes♂105
7578427Essence Scale Shoes♀ Essence Scale Shoes♀105
7678428Essence Scale Shoes♂ Essence Scale Shoes♂105
7778453Spirit Arbalest Shoes♀ Spirit Arbalest Shoes♀105
7878454Spirit Arbalest Shoes♂ Spirit Arbalest Shoes♂105
7978465Void Ritual Shoes♀ Void Ritual Shoes♀105
8078466Void Ritual Shoes♂ Void Ritual Shoes♂105
8178476Abyss Fading Haze Shoes♀ Abyss Fading Haze Shoes♀105
8278477Abyss Fading Haze Shoes♂ Abyss Fading Haze Shoes♂105
8378490Dark Iris Shoes♀ Dark Iris Shoes♀105
8478491Dark Iris Shoes♂ Dark Iris Shoes♂105
8578503Wild Woodwind Shoes♀ Wild Woodwind Shoes♀105
8678504Wild Woodwind Shoes♂ Wild Woodwind Shoes♂105
8778320Autumn Leaf Shoes♀ Autumn Leaf Shoes♀120
8878321Autumn Leaf Shoes♂ Autumn Leaf Shoes♂120
8978340●Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀ ●Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀120
9078341●Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂ ●Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂120
9178354○Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀ ○Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀120
9278355○Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂ ○Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂120
9378366□Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀ □Longevity Harbinger Shoes♀120
9478367□Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂ □Longevity Harbinger Shoes♂120
9578388Soulbane Beast Mystic Shoes♀ Soulbane Beast Mystic Shoes♀120
9678389Soulbane Beast Mystic Shoes♂ Soulbane Beast Mystic Shoes♂120
9778429Essence Paradigm Shoes♀ Essence Paradigm Shoes♀120
9878430Essence Paradigm Shoes♂ Essence Paradigm Shoes♂120
9978455Spirit Gem Shoes♀ Spirit Gem Shoes♀120
10078456Spirit Gem Shoes♂ Spirit Gem Shoes♂120
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