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# Name Level Type
1§Cloudsurfer Robe LV15♂ §Cloudsurfer Robe LV15♂-
2§Cloudsurfer Robe LV15♀ §Cloudsurfer Robe LV15♀-
3§Moonglow Robe LV30♂ §Moonglow Robe LV30♂-
4§Moonglow Robe LV30♀ §Moonglow Robe LV30♀-
5§Sunshimmer Robe LV45♂ §Sunshimmer Robe LV45♂-
6§Sunshimmer Robe LV45♀ §Sunshimmer Robe LV45♀-
7§Meteorite Robe LV60♂ §Meteorite Robe LV60♂-
8§Meteorite Robe LV60♀ §Meteorite Robe LV60♀-
9§Shattered Star Robe LV75♂ §Shattered Star Robe LV75♂-
10§Shattered Star Robe LV75♀ §Shattered Star Robe LV75♀-
11§Cosmic Dust Robe LV90♂ §Cosmic Dust Robe LV90♂-
12§Cosmic Dust Robe LV90♀ §Cosmic Dust Robe LV90♀-
13§Little Bear Robe LV105♂ §Little Bear Robe LV105♂-
14§Little Bear Robe LV105♀ §Little Bear Robe LV105♀-
15§Fleet Footed Robe LV120♂ §Fleet Footed Robe LV120♂-
16§Fleet Footed Robe LV120♀ §Fleet Footed Robe LV120♀-
17§Star Void Robe LV135♂ §Star Void Robe LV135♂-
18§Star Void Robe LV135♀ §Star Void Robe LV135♀-
19§Star Explosion Robe LV146♂ §Star Explosion Robe LV146♂-
20§Star Explosion Robe LV146♀ §Star Explosion Robe LV146♀-
21§Green Steel Armor LV15 §Green Steel Armor LV15-
22§Ornate Dragon Armor LV30 §Ornate Dragon Armor LV30-
23§Sunken Empire Armor LV45 §Sunken Empire Armor LV45-
24§Cloud Serpent Armor LV60 §Cloud Serpent Armor LV60-
25§Dragon Coil Armor LV75 §Dragon Coil Armor LV75-
26§Battle Warg Armor LV90 §Battle Warg Armor LV90-
27§Sunbringer Armor LV105 §Sunbringer Armor LV105-
28§Demonslayer Armor LV120 §Demonslayer Armor LV120-
29§Sky Guardian Armor LV135 §Sky Guardian Armor LV135-
30§Ancient Fury Armor LV146 §Ancient Fury Armor LV146-
31§Moonshade Robe (LV15)♂ §Moonshade Robe (LV15)♂-
32§Monsoon Robe (LV30)♂ §Monsoon Robe (LV30)♂-
33§Adornment Robe (LV45)♂ §Adornment Robe (LV45)♂-
34§Foliage Robe (LV60)♂ §Foliage Robe (LV60)♂-
35§Marshland Robe (LV75)♂ §Marshland Robe (LV75)♂-
36§Petalfall Robe (LV90)♂ §Petalfall Robe (LV90)♂-
37§Icewild Robe (LV105)♂ §Icewild Robe (LV105)♂-
38§Lightray Robe (LV120)♂ §Lightray Robe (LV120)♂-
39§Darkpit Robe (LV135)♂ §Darkpit Robe (LV135)♂-
40§Mindless Robe (LV150)♂ §Mindless Robe (LV150)♂-
41§Moonshade Robe (LV15)♀ §Moonshade Robe (LV15)♀-
42§Monsoon Robe (LV30)♀ §Monsoon Robe (LV30)♀-
43§Adornment Robe (LV45)♀ §Adornment Robe (LV45)♀-
44§Foliage Robe (LV60)♀ §Foliage Robe (LV60)♀-
45§Marshland Robe (LV75)♀ §Marshland Robe (LV75)♀-
46§Petalfall Robe (LV90)♀ §Petalfall Robe (LV90)♀-
47§Icewild Robe (LV105)♀ §Icewild Robe (LV105)♀-
48§Lightray Robe (LV120)♀ §Lightray Robe (LV120)♀-
49§Darkpit Robe (LV135)♀ §Darkpit Robe (LV135)♀-
50§Mindless Robe (LV150)♀ §Mindless Robe (LV150)♀-
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