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# Name Level Type
1§Traveler Armor (LV15♂) §Traveler Armor (LV15♂)-
2§Reinforced Armor (LV30♂) §Reinforced Armor (LV30♂)-
3§Aqua Armor (LV45♂) §Aqua Armor (LV45♂)-
4§Lunarshade Armor (LV60♂) §Lunarshade Armor (LV60♂)-
5§Alloy Armor (LV75♂) §Alloy Armor (LV75♂)-
6§Silence Armor (LV90♂) §Silence Armor (LV90♂)-
7§Dewdrop Robe (LV15♂) §Dewdrop Robe (LV15♂)-
8§Moonlight Robe (LV30♂) §Moonlight Robe (LV30♂)-
9§Skywalk Robe (LV45♂) §Skywalk Robe (LV45♂)-
10§Mystic Robe (LV60♂) §Mystic Robe (LV60♂)-
11§Lotusvein Robe (LV75♂) §Lotusvein Robe (LV75♂)-
12§Robe of Truth (LV90♂) §Robe of Truth (LV90♂)-
13§Composite Plate (LV15♂) §Composite Plate (LV15♂)-
14§Shard Plate (LV30♂) §Shard Plate (LV30♂)-
15§Beastkin Plate (LV45♂) §Beastkin Plate (LV45♂)-
16§Layered Plate (LV60♂) §Layered Plate (LV60♂)-
17§Pyrasteel Plate (LV75♂) §Pyrasteel Plate (LV75♂)-
18§Thunder Plate (LV90♂) §Thunder Plate (LV90♂)-
19§Brilliant Cassock (LV15♂) §Brilliant Cassock (LV15♂)-
20§Essence Cassock (LV30♂) §Essence Cassock (LV30♂)-
21§Phoenix Cassock (LV45♂) §Phoenix Cassock (LV45♂)-
22§Acolyte Cassock (LV60♂) §Acolyte Cassock (LV60♂)-
23§Eloquence Cassock (LV75♂) §Eloquence Cassock (LV75♂)-
24§Vigil Cassock (LV90♂) §Vigil Cassock (LV90♂)-
25§Traveler Armor (LV15♀) §Traveler Armor (LV15♀)-
26§Reinforced Armor (LV30♀) §Reinforced Armor (LV30♀)-
27§Aqua Armor (LV45♀) §Aqua Armor (LV45♀)-
28§Lunarshade Armor (LV60♀) §Lunarshade Armor (LV60♀)-
29§Alloy Armor (LV75♀) §Alloy Armor (LV75♀)-
30§Silence Armor (LV90♀) §Silence Armor (LV90♀)-
31§Dewdrop Robe (LV15♀) §Dewdrop Robe (LV15♀)-
32§Moonlight Robe (LV30♀) §Moonlight Robe (LV30♀)-
33§Skywalk Robe (LV45♀) §Skywalk Robe (LV45♀)-
34§Mystic Robe (LV60♀) §Mystic Robe (LV60♀)-
35§Lotusvein Robe (LV75♀) §Lotusvein Robe (LV75♀)-
36§Robe of Truth (LV90♀) §Robe of Truth (LV90♀)-
37§Composite Plate (LV15♀) §Composite Plate (LV15♀)-
38§Shard Plate (LV30♀) §Shard Plate (LV30♀)-
39§Beastkin Plate (LV45♀) §Beastkin Plate (LV45♀)-
40§Layered Plate (LV60♀) §Layered Plate (LV60♀)-
41§Pyrasteel Plate (LV75♀) §Pyrasteel Plate (LV75♀)-
42§Thunder Plate (LV90♀) §Thunder Plate (LV90♀)-
43§Brilliant Cassock (LV15♀) §Brilliant Cassock (LV15♀)-
44§Essence Cassock (LV30♀) §Essence Cassock (LV30♀)-
45§Phoenix Cassock (LV45♀) §Phoenix Cassock (LV45♀)-
46§Acolyte Cassock (LV60♀) §Acolyte Cassock (LV60♀)-
47§Eloquence Cassock (LV75♀) §Eloquence Cassock (LV75♀)-
48§Vigil Cassock (LV90♀) §Vigil Cassock (LV90♀)-
49§Omened Plate (LV105♂) §Omened Plate (LV105♂)-
50§Frenzy Plate (LV120♂) §Frenzy Plate (LV120♂)-
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