Spirit Appearance


Chinese: 正魔酣战灵兽现

Russian: Внешний вид духа


According to Enu, it seemed that the Vims tried to look for the Apocalypse Cow in the Billows. And the Master Vim also showed up here.
You told Tian Bolis the news from the Vims: The Apocalypse Cow was born.
As waiting for others to kill the Cow, you learned that Shaw Danon got two things - Sinister Orb and Fawin Wisdom. In quite a shock, you came back to Mount Jadeon.

The best level for this quest: 60.
There will be EXP loss if you exceed level 60, so please complete this at the right time.

Required quest: Inside Ups And Downs

Required for quest

Infatuation With Lupin Bell

Cult Assault

Success Award

EXP: 5950000 (x 2 if Ascended)

Delivery NPC


Quest stats

m_bExeChildInOrder: 1

Parent fails if give up the subtask

Repeatable after failure

m_bNeedRecord: 1

m_bMustShown: 1

m_bClearAcquired: 1

m_bShowPrompt: 1

m_bKeyTask: 1

m_ulDelvNPC: 74369

m_bCanSeekOut: 1

m_bShowDirection: 1

m_fStorageWeight: 1

m_ulRank: 1

m_ulDisplayType: 3

m_bShowByLev: 1

m_bShowByItems: 1

m_bShowByDeposit: 1

m_bShowByRepu: 1

m_ulPremise_Task_Count: 1

m_bShowByPreTask: 1

m_bShowByPeriod: 1

m_bShowByFaction: 1

m_bShowByGender: 1

m_bShowByOccup: 1

m_lPKValueMin: -999

m_lPKValueMax: 999

m_bTeamwork: 1

m_bShowByTeam: 1

m_bShowByFengshenLvl: 1

m_unk185a: 60

m_ulReachSiteId: 1

m_ulFirstChild: 35278

m_nSubCount: 12