Infatuation With Lupin Bell


Chinese: 合欢铃引痴情咒

Russian: Школа Хаккан


Shaw Danon was put on trial in the Peak of Widows. People all pleaded for him. Then an incident happened. Vasp Caelo assaulted Doyel Shen and betrayed the Jadeon. The Mount Jadeon was surrounded by the Vims. In such case, Doyel Shen had to go into the Moontop Hollow and summoned Regenesis Sword.
Fazzan revealed the culprit of the Grasstemple Village tragedy was Fusoir, one of the Skysong scared monks. With such a shock, Shaw Danon followed Bilu and left Jadeon.
Not willing to let go of Shaw Danon, Doyel Shen led the Sword to him. At that time, Bilu used Infatuation and sacrificed herself to protect him, with a piece of soul left in her Lupin Bell.
What a pity.

The best level for this quest: 60.
There will be EXP loss if you exceed level 60, so please complete this at the right time.

Required quest: Spirit Appearance

Required for quest

Miserable Conditions (60+)

Crystal Hall

Xiaochi Fengyun

Success Award

EXP: 6435000 (x 2 if Ascended)

Quest stats

m_bExeChildInOrder: 1

Parent fails if give up the subtask

Repeatable after failure

m_bNeedRecord: 1

m_bAutoDeliver: 1

m_bMustShown: 1

m_bClearAcquired: 1

m_bShowPrompt: 1

m_bKeyTask: 1

m_bCanSeekOut: 1

m_bShowDirection: 1

m_fStorageWeight: 1

m_ulRank: 1

m_ulDisplayType: 3

m_bShowByLev: 1

m_bShowByItems: 1

m_bShowByDeposit: 1

m_bShowByRepu: 1

m_ulPremise_Task_Count: 1

m_bShowByPreTask: 1

m_bShowByPeriod: 1

m_bShowByFaction: 1

m_bShowByGender: 1

m_bShowByOccup: 1

m_lPKValueMin: -999

m_lPKValueMax: 999

m_bTeamwork: 1

m_bShowByTeam: 1

m_bShowByFengshenLvl: 1

m_unk185a: 60

m_ulReachSiteId: 1

m_ulFirstChild: 35083

m_nSubCount: 20