Ten Years Past


Chinese: 十年光阴

Russian: Десять лет назад


Since the Jadeon incient, great changes occured over the past ten years. It is said there was a rare treasure in the Doom Bog. You decided to go there and hoped to meet Shaw Danon.

Success Award

Teleports to Doom Bog[5]

m_TransPtx: 89

m_TransPty: 261

m_TransPtz: -99

Quest stats

Parent fails if give up the subtask

Can give up the quest


Repeatable after failure

m_bClearAcquired: 1

m_bShowPrompt: 1

m_bCanSeekOut: 1

m_bShowDirection: 1

m_fStorageWeight: 1

m_ulRank: 1

m_ulDisplayType: 1

m_bShowByLev: 1

m_bShowByItems: 1

m_bShowByDeposit: 1

m_bShowByRepu: 1

m_bShowByPreTask: 1

m_bShowByPeriod: 1

m_bShowByFaction: 1

m_bShowByGender: 1

m_bShowByOccup: 1

m_lPKValueMin: -999

m_lPKValueMax: 999

m_bShowByTeam: 1

m_bShowByFengshenLvl: 1

m_enumMethod: 5

m_ulReachSiteId: 1

m_bDisFinDlg: 1

Quests in chain:

Parent Quest: Infatuation With Lupin Bell

Previous Quest: Decade Past

Next Quest: Little Village